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LED lighting does not merely replace conventional lighting but transcends it to a new level by providing an unprecedented lifespan along with the highest Efficacy (lumens of light per watt) of any commercial technology to date.It would pay for itself within a few months.

RST LED 2x Longer & Brighter then other Branded LEDs

rstenergy Background

RST LED Lights

With a human centric approach to lighting, blending superior aesthetic sensibilities with deep technological and electronic expertise, RST Lights is a proudly Indian lighting manufacturer that elevates your living spaces and compliments your lifestyle with its diverse portfolio of LED products.MADE IN INDIA WITH LOVE & PRIDE."
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RST Solar

we are offering high quality of all types of Solar Product.We offer wide range of high quality Solar LED street lightetc,Solar Panel, Solar Pump,Solar Water heater, Solar Freezer etc. as per customer oriented."
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rstenergy Quainv

Forklift Spot Light

Our LED Forklift safety led lights with 2 years of warranty with high quality of product.Always working on quality of product to increase the efficiency. Range of our warning light upto 20M.Launched New range of Forklift LED Spot Light for side warning with very resonable price and CE and RoHS approved."
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rstenergy BENEFITS

DiVYA-Power Now At Home

With plethora of user friendly features this emergency system turns out to be very useful for areas with frequent power cut limited exposure to sun light due to monsoon or bad weather, or places with cold climate and during disaster time. More than 50% of the population has little or no commercial energy access for their living and live hood others with access often have to cope with poor and erratic availability of electricity and other fuels.See More

Elevator Pitch

DiVYA -Power Now At Home 60-second Elevator Pitch Video. This product proves to be extremely useful in problematic situations like natural calamities & disaster where there is no option of power & connectivity. “Janha Hawa Nahi, Pani Nahi, Jivan Nahi, Aur Suraj Nahi Waha Hoga Prakash, Chamak Divya Ke Sath”.Powered by Economics Times and Organized by Courtyard by Marriott Hotel in India

FOLDi- Wrangle The Tangle

To solve a problem that music lovers, like us at works, often face: earphones that get messed up when you put them in your bag, purse or pocket. Unwinding the wires is frustrating, and the whole process of their entanglement damages the earphones, until one fine day no more sound is produced by one or both of them. Hence we designed, the first simple, lightweight and universal cord management solution.

Steam Spa & Bath Generator

Reasonable design,easy instllation, healthy and comfortable,best sauna equipment for the modern family, hotel,restaurant,meeting place and the club.Satisfied with the noticeable effects on pain relief,weight control,skin stimulation and stress reduction due to an increased blood circulation got from steam bath. Gs08 series output power varies in 3kW,4.5kW,6kw,7.5kw, 9kw,10.5kW,12kW,15kW,18kW.
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rstenergy bath & spa


To start a manufacturing of LED Chip in india with collaboration with Japaneses company XHL. We and you, both are here in india. We can sit/talk with each other any number of times and solve all the issues without going to foreign countries. You save yourselves from the risk of foreign exchange fluctuations. We can immediately provide replacement for any rejection.we are offering 10 Years of Guarantee without asking any question.."
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RST Ecoenergy Private Limited is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company. RST is the most useful nomenclature in the field of electrical engineering its means Reseau Scientifique et Technique (French: Scientific and Technical Network) and to identify the phases of 3-phase system, we give to each of them a name, such as A-B-C, or R-S-T, or R-Y-B (in this case, red-yellow-blue, if we assign a colour to each phase, for easy visual identifications). 'R-S-T' was a German standard used to identify each of the three lines (not 'phases', as indicated in the original answer) of a three-phase system. Other countries use different standards, including A-B-C, 1-2-3, red-yellow-blue, and blue-black-grey.RST strongly feel the technology has to reach people beyond the social & economic barriers.


LED Residential

  • 100 Lumens Per Watt
  • 2 yr. Warranty
  • 50000 Hrs. Life
  • SurgeProtection 2-10 KVA
  • Holder- B22/E27/E14/G13
  • Cool & Warm White
  • Power Factor->0.95
  • Colour Rendering- >80
  • Efficiency-85%
  • Beam Angle-240degree
  • Resistant to vibrations



  • 80-90 Lumens/Watt
  • 2 yr. Warranty
  • 50000 Hrs. Life
  • SurgeProtection 2-10 KVA
  • *In Motion Sensor
  • Cool & Warm White
  • Power Factor->0.95
  • Colour Rendering- >80
  • Efficiency-85%
  • Large Variety
  • Resistant to vibrations


LED Industrial

  • 110 Lumens Per Watt
  • 2 yr. Warranty
  • 50000 Hrs. Life
  • SurgeProtection 2-10 KVA
  • *In Solar and Sensor also
  • Cool & Warm White
  • Power Factor->0.95
  • Colour Rendering- >80
  • Efficiency-85%
  • IP-65
  • Beam Angle-120degree



  • 4V DC Battery
  • 1 yr. Warranty
  • 50000Hrs.LED Life
  • Rechargeable
  • 4-8 Hrs. Operation
  • ABS Body
  • Dimmable/li>
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Overcharge Protection
  • Plug & Play
  • Instant-On
  • Maintenance Free

Innovating The Future

Innovation Research and Development Program

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Driving in its range of pioneering offering Large Variety of LED Lighting Product under brand name of RST. A system commitment is to bring in effective power solutions in to rural hinterland of the country which in the absence of basic electrification process are untouched by the general progress of the country, Which ensure connectivity and lighting to rural India and providing up to 98% efficiency. SAVE ELECTRICITY

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What People Are Saying

  • Nice efforts in the field of Lighting. This product is very useful to save electricity upto 80% from other led lighting brand.

    Anuj Bhardwaj (Asst. Prof. Electronics Instrumentation) Agra
  • RST LED Provides a full light in case of bulb and its intensity is very high which is equivalent to Everready but Everready doesn't give 240 degree light so its better than others.

    Saroj Sahu (CEO and Founder God trust) Orissa
  • Very Cost effective product as per quality and working performance of RST LEDs Tube Lights is awesome.

    Ramarao (Manager Nekkanti Sea Foods Ltd.) Andrapradesh
  • After installation of RST LED Lights at our coaching center. we are saving our DG Set fuel as well as relaxed with over load

    A.D. Tiwari (Owner SSG Coaching Center) Sonbhadra
  • Concept is brought up well and one of the burning issue of power scarcity, the need of power is increasing day by day with unlimited power dependent machineries and gadgets but the source of power generation concepts remains null.

    Vinay Kumar
  • It solves the problem of providing basic necessities in rural areas, for which electricity serves as boon, like appliances, computers, health devices, internet, etc in urban areas.

    Karishma Shah
  • RST LEDs is very high efficient and good quality of lighting product at present time. Its specification and design of product very unique.

    Ranjan Verma (CEO Ctailor) New Delhi
  • Absolutely splendid idea...grassroots application, simple, smart and directly and positively impacting on 1.5 billion people...miles ahead

    Bikram Vohra (Former Editor Gulf News & Khaleej Times) Dubai
  • R&D Must give priority to introduce combined Hours meters to monitor the performance of each LED products if they are installed in big projects like housing, Hospitals etc

    Pawan G Chaudhary (Self Employed) Varanasi

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